Using an expert allows you to travel with safety and peace of mind.

The magic starts right here. Adore you!

services for travelers:

Adore 360 plans and organizes
tailor-made travel experiences worldwide
based on your individual preferences.


here's how the magic happens:

I specialize in finding travel destinations and accommodations which match perfectly with your wish list. I take care of all details directly with the service providers.

I can also plan and organize any transportations, activity, or other detail. Your departure country can be anywhere, as well as destination country. I got you.

Travel Planning

Anything from specific requests to complete travel plans.
Destinations, Accommodations, Activities, Transportations and any other detail.

Highly flexible planning process.
At any point any detail can be modified. You can be as involved as you wish, or not at all.

We start by going through your wishes and budget.
Based on those I will estimate what kind of consultation and planning is needed. More information on pricing below.

Then I begin the search process and will suggest best options for you to choose from. 
Until making the final decision of booking you will not commit to the consultation fee. You can also stop the planning process at any time.


Peace of mind

Leave the worries to me. Unexpected changes, last-minute cancellations, border closures – travel experts’ advice are now needed more than ever.

get in touch quickly

You are always able to get in touch with me to assist with any question or situation before and during your trip.

no stress and worry for you!

Service providers accountable to adore 360

Save time and headache of doing it yourself.  Make your wish list and enjoy the whole experience!

Service providers are accountable to Adore 360 instead of an individual customer which makes a significant difference.  I’m always directly in contact with the service providers to handle all bookings, communication and details.

benefits of using adore 360

i adore my clients



“Your suggestions were all really good.
Adore 360 services are perfect for a busy person, to have an expert take care of practical issues and special requests.

You are super!"

getaway to a paradise island, wellness focused recharging on a beach resort, activity filled adventure on a safari, or maybe a villa or a yacht with friends and family

hidden beaches, rooftop bars with the views, best sunset spots and beach clubs, hiking routes, shopping local gems, impressive sightseeing or great restaurants and cafes among the locals

Destination can be anywhere in the world. It’s completely up to you how close or far from home you prefer to travel. Your departure country can also be anywhere in the world, I got you. 

Travel Ideas

wish list examples

Romantic trip for 2 people. Paradise island, luxury resort. Sporty activities, spa treatments. Beautiful nature, excellent food. Flight time max 14h, max 1 layover, business class. 

Cultural city for 4 people. Boutique hotel with focus on interior design. Great restaurants and sightseeing. Flight time max 5h, no layovers. 

Relaxed & pampered, or inspired & active are also great wish lists to start, so no pressure at all to know what you want !

Private villa for 10 people. France or Italy, countryside. Pool required, location max 1h from beach. Onsite chef and housekeeping. Full travel time including transportation from airport to villa max 6h.

Very transparent services aiming to maximize the success of your travels. Until making the final decision of booking you will not commit to the consultation fee. You can also stop the planning process at any time.

You will receive one invoice from Adore 360 with all included. You can also pay with credit card.

Adore 360's pricing is based on a consultation fee. All research, planning and booking included.

Difference between Travel Consultant and Agent

With agents you select trips from a ready-made catalog with limited options. With me everything is truly tailor-made for you based on what you want to experience, enjoy, feel and see during your travels. Tailor-made, just as you are yourself !

Life is too short for bad travel

Same destination, same time and same money can result in very different outcomes depending on the choices made. 

There is a huge variety of travel options available with all of them aiming to convince you to choose them, unfortunately often not with updated or truthful information. 

Search engines can’t “calculate” what is your dream holiday. They can show you the cheapest option getting from A to B and spending x nights there. They can show you the best scores on reviews (some fake) with other people’s opinions, criteria’s, and taste. 

I would warmly recommend using an expert with something as valuable and wonderful as traveling!

the world is opening up fast and it looks better than ever





I have the best connections to glass igloos under the northern lights, and I even have Santa Claus number.

Do you have something very special planned like celebrating an anniversary or proposing to your loved one during your trip? I would love to assist with the details. 

Chartering a yacht with friends and family is truly an amazing experience. I'll handle all details for you and can even join to welcome you onboard when your journey begins. 


No. There are a wide variety of ways to enjoy travel and Adore 360 would love to assist you with all of them. I'm excellent in finding amazing options in any sort of travel. But if you are looking for the cheapest way to travel, then catalog trips are a better fit for you.   

Yes. Based on your request I will ask all necessary questions and details to be able to plan suggestions which correspond with your personal preferences and maximize the joy your holiday brings you. 

Absolutely. That is great if you already have flights. Adore 360 would love to assist with other details such as accommodation and activities to make sure the experience is just what you wish.

First we go through your travel needs, dreams and budget. Then I will make a suggestion of how I could make it happen and what the cost is. After that I will research the best options for you to choose from. Service model is very flexible and pricing always agreed beforehand.

For who?
Anyone who wants to MAXIMIZE THE JOY
of their travels. 

Time is the only resource we are not able to get back.
Let's cherish every moment.