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Terms and Conditions by Adore 360 Ltd

GENERAL TRAVEL design TERMS and conditions by adore 360 ltd

Adore 360 Ltd (Adore 360 below) General Travel Design Terms and Conditions are explained in detail below.
Adore 360 does not offer Package Travel options or any services relatable to them. 

1. Transactions and arising a contract
The traveler has the obligation to check the travel confirmation documents and inform the company of any potential mistakes prior to completing the transaction.

A contract arises when a traveler who has agreed to book an accommodation recommended by Adore 360 pays Adore 360 or the service provider directly an advance starting from 20% of the total amount for the accommodation which has been chosen. The full price of the trip will be paid minimum 45 days before the start of the trip. The invoices for will be primarily delivered to the customer via email. If the trip is booked less than 45 days before the trip's commencement, the full price of the trip is charged immediately, unless otherwise specified.

By paying an advance invoice or full amount invoice, the customer accepts the conditions of Adore 360's general travel design terms. Adore 360 retains the right to terminate the contract if the customer has not paid the price of the trip or a predetermined increment of it on the agreed upon date of payment. Following successful payment of the booking fee the contract arises and Adore 360 has the right to cancellation costs detailed in the additional and special terms.

2. Travel documents
Travelers must indicate their name information exactly as it appears on their passports. Renaming any travel documents accrues a modification fee of 100 euros per person, not including service provider fees. The traveler is responsible for the acquisition of the relevant travel documentations, most often a valid international passport. We recommend maintaining a passport that is valid through to six months after the trip has concluded, as it is a requirement in many countries.

The traveler is responsible for managing the validity and condition of their passport, as well as ensuring that it contains enough blank pages for possible visas or stamps. The traveler will secure the necessary visa documentation, unless otherwise specified. Customers are asked to check the passport and visa requirements from the embassy of the destination country well in advance before the trip. See the homepages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and missions worldwide for more information.

3. Sending documents
All documents are sent to the traveler by email as agreed. The traveler is responsible for informing Adore 360 if the documents fail to arrive via email in the time agreed. Sending the documents by mail accrues the actual cost of delivery. Adore 360 will not reimburse customers for travel documents misplaced by the mail service.

4. Terms of cancellation
Before invoice for the first payment (advance payment or full payment) is issued traveler is informed of the possibility to cancel or postpone the booking regardless of the reason. Due to the special nature of Adore 360 personal travel design services and bookings, potential actual cancellation costs apply regardless of the reason for booking cancellation or modification. If the traveler cancels their trip, the ensuing cancellation fee will include potential actual cancellation costs, a reasonable reimbursement for trip planning work already invested, and 180 euros per person in office expenses in accordance with Adore 360's guidelines. Travelers are to contact Adore 360 immediately if a cancellation is necessary. The charged additional service and credit card fees are not returned to the customer.

Travelers are highly recommended to ensure their travel insures full coverage for any cancellation or modification needs for reimbursement.

5. Costs of modification and delivery of travel contract
If the traveler alters the agreed travel contract Adore 360 will charge the traveler for potential actual costs, a reasonable reimbursement for trip planning work already invested, and modification fee of 100 euros per person. Cancelling a prior modification is also understood as a new modification. Travelers are to contact Adore 360 immediately if a modification is necessary. Correcting errors later may accrue costs (such as changing an inaccurate name or purchasing a new ticket if the name cannot be changed).

6. Changes made by Adore 360
If, for any external reason, Adore 360 must alter the booking, the customer must respond within seven days of receiving word of the change to confirm if they accept the change(s) or not. Failure to respond is understood by Adore 360 as confirmation of acceptance.

7. Airport and tourism fees
The price of the accommodation includes all taxes that are payable before departing. Obligatory cash-only departure fees or visas at various airports are not included in the price of the trip. In many cities and destinations, travelers taking accommodations are charged a tourism tax or fee, whose amount depends on the quality of the accommodations and the length of the traveler's stay. If these fees cannot be covered in the price of the trip beforehand, they will be paid directly to the accommodation service provider.

8. Repayment
If the traveler makes use of only a part of the services they booked, no repayment may be applied for the unutilized services.

9. Traveler's responsibility to check documents
The traveler has the responsibility to check the veracity and validity of their travel documents.
The traveler must also double-check the spelling of their names and make sure they are in possession of the relevant travel documents.

10. Schedule changes and special destination conditions
The travel designer retains the right to make changes in itinerary that may result from e.g. air or land transport schedule delays or special conditions at the travel destination.

11. Price changes
The prices are indicated without commitments and are based on the exchange rates valid on the pricing day of each trip. We reserve the right to price changes.

12. Luggage
Luggage transport is organized according to standing regulations at each transport company, which may regulate the size and quantity of luggage items if they so see fit. We highly recommend acquiring travel insurance protection for your luggage in case it is lost, delayed en route, or damaged.

13. Insurance protection
The travel designer is not responsible for any voluntary insurance contracts the traveler may need. Travelers are required to personally manage their insurance and its coverage in cases such as cancellation protection. For this reason, the travel designer urges the traveler to acquire travel insurance that has adequate coverage for personal injury and property damage. Contact your insurance company for more information.

14. Traveling with children
You can inform yourself of travel-related basics together with your child on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which can be found from this link. According to Finnish law, if a child is in the joint custody of both their parents, they decide together on all matters related to the child, and no other guardian (or other person) has the right to bring a child abroad without the consent of the other guardian(s). Transport companies, accommodation service providers, and travel destination authorities may deny a minor (under 18 years) from traveling without their guardian(s). The travel requirements for a minor must always be checked via the authorities in the countries of origin, destination, and transit, because some countries have particular guidelines as to the nature of the proof of consent. A minor traveling without a guardian must possess a letter of permission signed by a guardian; formal guidelines for this letter vary. The traveling minor must take the permission letter along with them on their trip and present it to authorities, transport company employees, or accommodation services if requested. The customer retains the responsibility to send the letter of permission to the tour operator.

15. General
Travelers must inform Adore 360 immediately of errors found concerning travel dates, travel and accommodation information, and other possible services. Personal information registered with Adore 360 are transferred to partner agencies both within and outside of the EU/EEA countries as part of travel design operating logistics. For more information on privacy of information, please consult our privacy policy.

Due to the fact that brochures from different countries and information on third-party websites may contain inaccuracies, the travel designer claims responsibility only for the content of its own brochures, websites, and travel programs. The organizer reserves the right to alter the information it presents online as well as the terms and conditions of contracts prior to their arising. Adore 360 is not responsible for any changes occurring outside its control nor for any potential typographical errors on the website or in the terms and conditions at hand.

Adore 360 is not responsible for the prevailing weather conditions at any target destination or for any potential changes to travel programs arising from force majeure.

16. Adore 360's service pricing
Travel Design planning  and organizing work: agreed separately
Administrative expenses: agreed separately
Cancellation fee: actual cancellation costs, reasonable compensation for Adore 360's planning work, administrative expenses

Traveler receives an invoice from Adore 360 to make the payment as bank transfer. In the case that accommodation payment is done directly to service provider, Adore 360 providers all needed details. In accordance with the law on payment services,  for all credit card transactions there is a additional fee charged by the service provider. In trips with marginal tax rates, 24 percent VAT is added to the Adore 360 planning fee.

These Adore 360 travel design terms and conditions have been updated on 1 January, 2023 and are valid until subsequent notice.
Adore 360 Ltd reserves the right to change or delimit these terms and conditions.

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